The Class of 1964

Marlys Reckeway Anderson
I worked at California Hospital on GU Surgical unit. Worked acute dialysis, CCU, ICU, ER, clinic, and wound care specialist.
I remember great times with all our classmates, especially those of us who were stuck there most weekends while others went home. I remember being very ill from tuna salad I found in the refrigerator, fire alarm when someone burned their clothes, wonderful class parties at private homes and time spent at the beach. I’m sure I have forgotten many experiences but hope that others will share and spark my memories.
I have seven grandchildren between the ages of 2-10, 3 girls and 4 boys. I have had a wonderful personal and professional life and consider myself most fortunate.
In October of 1999, my husband Stan was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma brain tumor. He lived 15 months after his diagnosis, active until the last three months. February 2004 I sold our home and moved to a smaller home in Poway. I am currently living in our Tahoe home while son and family are renting my home. I have been active on a Ladies Tennis team for many years, still enjoy skiing with a wonderful group of active Seniors here in Tahoe, enjoying hiking and biking too.

Carline Hinson Bieker
I worked in an Allergists’ office from 1964-1966. Married in 1965. Moved to Idaho in 1984 and began working in Operating room and out-patient surgery. In 1992, worked in Juvenile hall in med. unit- did intakes and lab draws worked nights. We currently have our house for sale and are planning to move to Washington State around Vancouver area. We have one son. I do lots of crafts, knitting, sewing, crocheting and making lots of jam. I volunteer in a zoo making animal diets and clean up.

Julia Suttles Buckley
I worked on the med-surg floor at California Hospital for 6 years after graduating. I got married in 1966; married a minister (Herman Buckley).  Received a BS degree from CSULA in 1968; had my first baby (Tonya) in 1968. Had my second baby (Kevin) in 1970.
I worked for a headstart, did private duty nursing, and taught for MDTA (LVNs) from 1972-1974. In 1974, I started to work for Medicare through Blue Cross of California. I worked as a nurse educator teaching home health and hospice. I retired from Medicare in 2007.
I live in Antelope Valley now (Palmdale). I sing in choir, work in the women’s ministry and the Health Ministry. I am a member of the Antelope Valley Juliettes, and I am a Board of Superior Caregivers.

Ginny Haworth Delaney
I worked for Kaiser Hospital on a surgical unit for 18 years. Then I found home care was something I really liked. I worked as a supervisor of the Medicare Division after a stint of seeing patients in the home. I did this for 12 years. Then I went back to school and got my Bachelors of Nursing while working.
I started working at Valley Medical Center in the Performance Improvement Division in which I prepared the hospital staff JCAHO and California regulators until my retirement in 2009. I traveled to Australia in the 90’s, then proceeded to travel to Europe about every two years while in my 50’s.
Now I live in Aptos a small beach community just south of Santa Cruz and north of Monterey. Since my retirement, I’ve taken up golf and birding; I’m still traveling as much as possible.
I have two adult children, My son and his wife live in San Francisco and my daughter lives in L.A. with her husband and son.

Janet Spier Dixon
After graduation, I worked at California Hospital for a year, p.m. shift on 6 south and lived with Zwick and Wachs. Then JoAnn and I moved to Denver Colorado where we both worked at the University of Colorado Medical Center. JoAnn found her “love”, Don, and married him.
While in Colorado, I learned to ski, went horseback riding in the fall and square danced.
I returned to California in 1968 and moved in with Marlys Reckewey in Mission Beach, San Diego. I worked for a year at a small hospital in San Diego and then went on a 8 week tour of Europe. In 1969, I began working at UCSD Medical Center and stayed there until 1998 working in the PACU for most of that time.
I married in 1973, divorced in 1981, and have one son, Neil. Since 1995, I have been traveling a lot to various parts of the world, sometimes hiking and other times cultural tours. I am currently living in San Diego with my son and his wife and dog for about a year. They will probably be moving out sometime this summer.
My current interests are yoga, dancing, whaling, and volunteering.

Dottie Hester
Greetings to the Class of ’64!
I’m sorry I won’t be attending our 50th reunion on April 5, 2014. I’m sure you will have a blast getting together again and I’ll be thinking of all of you. I’ve enjoyed going through “The Lamp” issues of 1962, 1963, and 1964. It’s been fun reminiscing our three years together. I’m looking forward to seeing Curt’s Class Video.
The rest of this letter is in response to Elvy’s request to let everyone know what’s been happening in my life since graduation, June 21, 1964.
I learned more and more about California Hospital School of Nursing in Los Angeles and decided to submit my application. To my disappointment I received a letter of rejection due to a D-grade in Algebra. I made a phone call to Miss Zella Nicolas and pleaded to be reconsidered. I knew I would make an excellent nurse if just given the chance to prove myself. Several weeks later I received a letter of acceptance. Oh Happy Days! And No regrets! Thank you, Miss Nicolas!
My three years at CHSN (1961-1964) were filled with unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime memories and experiences. I feel I was very fortunate to have been a student nurse while living in a dorm that was so close to the training hospital. Life back then was nursing 24-7, very impressive and effective learning technique!
My first job was at Salinas Memorial Hospital, Salinas, California on a med-surg floor.

Deborah Wachs Hill
Can’t believe 50 years have passed since graduation. I worked full time for 41 years, then…glorious retirement!! The great thing about nursing was the many choices of settings in which to work. I stayed on at the California for 8 years after graduation and continued acute care nursing in Park Ridge, Illinois for a year. Then moved to Santa Cruz in Northern California and had my

Judith Robar Martinez
It has been one of happiness with a few downward bumps. I was married and have 3 children, which in turn gave me 4 grandchildren. Two here and two in Colorado. Fortunate to be able to travel to Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and across the United States. I travel to Colorado to visit my daughter, sister and their families as often as I am able. I now own a small motor home and it is like my home away from home – all the comforts.
My greatest love was working in the emergency room at Queen of the Valley Hospital in West Covina, CA. That transposed into working in a rural health clinic system for 17 years in many different areas – supervisor of 2 clinics, perinatal coordinator, and the last 10 years as quality assurance coordinator over 9 clinics. Developed forms, protocols, procedures, and made clinics ready for Title 22 certification. My last 5 years were spent working part time in a Dr.’s office here in the town I live in that mainly saw migrant farm workers.
My years at CHSN gave me basics in nursing. I didn’t study as much as I should have but sure enjoyed playing cards. It was hard going back out in the evening to Chapel. I remember some of our instructors with happiness. Life in the dorm was an experience no one would have in this day and age. I remember I found out early that I liked Central Receiving Hospital the best of all my rotations as that is where my happiest years were spent after graduation – working in the ER and in a clinic setting.
I wish I could have been a better correspondent to all my former classmates, but it is not me. I never had the gift of gab. It was nice at the last reunion I went to, to see everyone.

Carol Wish
Some of my fondest memories are of nursing school and how much I loved living in the “dorm” with such wonderful friends!
Santa Monica in surgery was my first stop. Then San Jose Hospital in ICU and in surgical floor about 3 years.

I have experience on the med-surg floor, charge nurse, OB/L&D, Lamaze instructor, university student health, urgent care, CNA instructor, and Mobil health care.
At this time I would like to express my appreciation for receiving the alumni newsletter, “The Pulse”, keep up the good work!
Thank you, Elvy and to all involved in the 50th reunion plans. Thank you, CHSN for the memories!

Elvy Lindahl
After our graduation I took the RN Boards 3 days after Curt and I got married! I had been hired by California Hospital to work in OB so beginning Monday Am after the Wedding, I was “on the job”. The babies I carried from the Nursery to Postpartum got heavier and heavier! Eventually I was able to fill a spot for Asst. Head Nurse on 5 South. i assisted with Voc Ed class in MUSD. The assisting turned into full-time teaching. I taught for CNA, HHA, Hosp. Onc., Med Terminology and Spec Ed NA - adding First Aid and CPR. Within those busy years, 4 children came to the Gustafsson household. Two grandchildren have come into the family and are now "home school girls." AlthoughI earned a BSN from CSULA in 1987 I must say I didn't learn much more than what I had been taught at California Hospital School of Nursing. Thank you '64 classmates for beginning this exciting journey togther with me 50 years ago. I am richer in every way for having been with all of you.


We Remember…

Sheila K. Dremel It is with great sadness that the family of Sheila K. Dremel announces her passing on Monday, February 24, 2013 at the age of 71 years. She was a Registered Nurse for over 40 years and loved caring for everyone she could. She will be lovingly missed by her husband, Jim Dremel and her two children; son Tom Martin and his wife Julianna Campbell-Martin and her daughter Kyrstan Martin. A private Celebration of Life will take place at the family home.
Charlotte spoke with Sheila a few weeks before her death – while active, Sheila enjoyed teaching. She taught at Nursing schools and Community colleges. She especially enjoyed the subjects of Neurology and Renal Medicine.

Elsie Smith Kamena and Ted were divorced and Elsie passed away a couple years ago.
Caroline Bieker reported recently that Dorothy Mcleod died a long time ago after a battle with cancer.

Linda Mason Werner passed away a few years ago. Sandy Sanders has details of her death. Linda began training with the ’63 class and graduated with ours.

Joanne Zwick Dethmers also passed away a few years ago. No details about her death.

Barbara Morey Ellis left this earth on June 10, 2009. Several of us were at the Memorial Service to represent our class. Julia Suttles Buckley gave a wonderful eulogy for Barbara. Barbara’s best friend Zelene was also present. Barbara had worked many years as a School Nurse and Nurse Practitioner.

Kay Prather Rodriguez passed away May 3, 2011. She was a Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist.

Shirley Treider Lynn had a very tragic end to her life many years ago. Her friend and fellow Nurse Diane Bonarek (from the 1963 class) gave some details about her death. She had been in the Air Force and had married shortly before her death. Her husband said she was shot in the street and that was all he knew. According to her grandmother, the killer was not found. Shirley and Diane Bonarek always got along so well and had great times together. Life moves on and they went their separate ways.


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